The Best iPhone 14 Plus Cases

Why square phone cases?

It's been a bit over a year since our favorite tech companion, the iPhone 14 Plus, graced us with its presence. As we celebrate the moments shared with this sleek device, let's talk about keeping it not just protected but also rocking a touch of femininity.

That's where PURITY phone cases step in as your new style confidante for the iPhone 14 Plus. Out of all the phone cases out there, PURITY phone case are definitely the best, seamlessly mixing style and functionality. But why the square shape?

  • More Protection: the reinforced square corners give an additional level of protection and shock-absorption to your iPhone 14 Plus, as displayed in the image above;

  • Unique, Classy Look: thanks to its unique square frame and the precious golden accents, these phone cases will turn heads and attract compliments like a magnet legit wherever you go.

Still wondering which phone cases are top-notch for your iPhone 14 Plus? Let us give you a quick rundown of our favorite picks. 

"Magenta" iPhone 14 Plus Case (Hot Pink Phone Case)

"Magenta" iPhone 14 Plus Case by PURITY

Step into the world of luxury with the "Magenta" phone case from PURITY's exclusive Neon collection. This gorgeous accessory is more than just a phone case – it's a statement piece designed for the fashion-forward trendsetters who crave bold and unique expressions of style. Picture a stunning hot pink hue, radiating vibrancy and energy, adorned with intricate golden geometric designs that elevate its visual appeal. The electric hues not only complement your personal style but also serve as a visual testament to your vibrant spirit. The Magenta case, with its captivating fusion of colors and patterns, transforms your phone into a fashion accessory, making a bold and captivating statement wherever you go.

The Neon collection, including the Magenta case, is tailored for those who refuse to conform, inviting you to embrace your individuality and stand out from the ordinary. These luxury phone cases are more than just protective covers; they're a celebration of confidence and self-expression.
Immerse yourself in a world where each Neon collection case becomes a canvas for your dynamic lifestyle.  Elevate your device and let it reflect the confident, unique individual that you are with the luxurious Magenta phone case from PURITY's Neon collection.

"Tenderness" iPhone 14 Plus Case (Pink Glitter Phone Case)

"Tenderness" iPhone 14 Plus Case by PURITY

Imagine a dazzling sparkly pink background adorned with a playful array of cute little hearts, creating a visually enchanting design. "Tenderness" phone case by PURITY is not just an accessory; it's a charming expression of style for those who appreciate a touch of sweetness in their lives.

The "Tenderness" glitter phone case is more than a protective cover; it's a celebration of joy and warmth. The sparkles add a touch of magic, making your phone stand out in a crowd. The delightful hearts scattered across the pink backdrop infuse a sense of playfulness and innocence, making this case perfect for those who embrace a lighthearted and joyful approach to life.

As you slip your phone into the "Tenderness" case, you're not just protecting your device – you're embracing a world of glitter and hearts that reflect your personality. Let this enchanting accessory accompany you on your daily adventures, adding a sprinkle of magic to every moment. Elevate your style and showcase your affectionate side with the delightful "Tenderness" glitter phone case from PURITY.

"Role Model" iPhone 14 Plus Case (Brown Checkered Phone Case)

"Role Model" iPhone 14 Plus Case by PURITY

Chase your dreams with the "Role Model" phone case by PURITY, a tribute to the women who lead by example, setting the bar high in both professionalism and fashion. Its signature PURITY frame and sophisticated checkered design not only protect your phone from any bump or scratch, but also exude confidence, reflecting your journey as a trailblazer in the workplace.

Let the "Role Model" phone case be your constant reminder of the impact you can make. Empower yourself, inspire others, and redefine style with this statement piece from our "Empowering Chic" collection. Because true empowerment is being the role model you aspire to be.


Still looking for the perfect phone case? Explore the full PURITY iPhone cases collection.

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