What iPhone Cases Fit iPhone 14?

Greetings, trendsetters and tech-savvy fashionistas! It's been a year since the iPhone 14 made its dazzling debut, and if you're still on the hunt for the perfect case, we've got you covered. At PURITY, we know your iPhone isn't just a device; it's an extension of your personality. Wondering, "What iPhone cases fit iPhone 14?" Well, look no further! As the luxury brand dedicated to creating phone cases that exude elegance, we're here to unveil the ideal companions for your iPhone 14. Join us on this stylish adventure as we explore PURITY's top picks for iPhone 14, setting the bar high for both protection and panache. Let's ensure your iPhone 14 continues to shine, all while being safely encased in the epitome of sophistication. 


The iPhone 14 boasts a sleek design and impressive specifications. Taking into consideration its dimensions is vital when choosing the right phone case for it.
The iPhone 14 has dimensions of 5.78 inches (146.7 mm) in height, 2.81 inches (71.5 mm) in width, and 0.31 inches (7.80 mm) in depth.


"North Pole" Phone Case (Matelassè Phone Case)

"North Pole" Phone Case for iPhone 14 by PURITY

Immerse yourself into the magic of the season with the “North Pole” iPhone 14 case by PURITY, an iridescent masterpiece within PURITY's enchanting " Winter Wonderland" collection.

Evoking the shimmering lights of the aurora borealis, North Pole features a soft matelassé pattern, where hues of deep blue and regal purple dance together in a celestial waltz. Feel the holiday magic at your fingertips and cast an ethereal glow that enchants.

Embrace the spirit of the season and elevate your phone to a winter wonderland of its own, where the magic of the North Pole is encapsulated in every glance.

"Magic Twinkle" Phone Case (White Phone Case)

"Magic Twinkle" Phone Case for iPhone 14 by PURITY

Step into the winter dreamscape with the "Magic Twinkle" iPhone 14 case by PURITY, a luminous jewel within PURITY's enchanting "Winter Wonderland" collection. This case, a vessel carrying the dreaminess of a Winter Wonderland, invites you to experience the magic and whimsy of the season.

The magic begins with delicate silver motifs gracefully dancing across the pristine white surface of the case. These intricate patterns, reminiscent of frosted lacework, cast a spell of elegance and sophistication. Hold your device, and let your fingertips trace the ethereal patterns, feeling the magic beneath your touch.

Magic Twinkle is more than just a phone case; it's a charming expression of winter's enchantment. Embrace the magic, carry the dream, and let Magic Twinkle transport you to a world where sleigh bells jingle.

"Chlorite" Phone Case (Marble Phone Case)

"Chlorite Ring" Phone Case for iPhone 14 by PURITY

The iPhone 14 case "Chlorite Ring" by PURITY is a cute iPhone case, with a unique aesthetic design. Named after the beautiful mineral, its elegance makes it a perfect choice for a trendy woman who desires the best iPhone cases.


PURITY stands as a beacon of sophistication, offering a collection that transcends mere functionality, delivering a seamless blend of style and security. Our meticulously crafted cases are not just accessories; they are a statement, an extension of your identity.

Dive into the full collection of iPhone 14 cases by PURITY and discover a range that speaks to your individuality. Whether you seek timeless classics or contemporary chic, our assortment caters to diverse tastes, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your discerning style.

Make a statement with PURITY – because your iPhone 14 deserves nothing less than the epitome of sophistication.


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